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The generosity of our donors supports the Foundation’s mission to encourage leadership, public service and free political and economic systems at home and abroad. With your help, we are committed to providing opportunities for rising leaders, honoring service to nation and promoting liberty. Donate Now

Don and Joyce Rumsfeld began the Foundation in 2007 with the hope of contributing to important focus areas that they thought were worthy of investment and attention.

With gratitude for an opportunity-filled life afforded to them by the free systems of our nation, and a deep respect for the honor and dignity of public service, the Rumsfeld’s guiding principles and life experiences shaped the Foundation’s driving mission. Join us in advancing our mission and providing opportunities to others by donating to the Rumsfeld Foundation today.

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Graduate Fellowships

Supporting the next generation of exceptional American public service leaders as they pursue graduate degrees and beyond


Cultivating a network of free system-oriented, talented rising leaders in the CAMCA region committed to regional cooperation and strengthening U.S.-CAMCA relations

“We feel privileged, and above all fortunate, that the Foundation has come this far. Joyce and I must extend our thanks for all of the support the Foundation has received over the last decade. With contributions ranging from time meeting with our Fellows to annual gifts, we are deeply appreciative of the thoughtful generosity shown by so many.” – Don Rumsfeld, Foundation 10 Year Report

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