“As the nations of this important region chart their paths in the 21st century, the United States should be supportive to them in their journeys as well as encourage the exploration of opportunities for intraregional cooperation.” - Donald Rumsfeld

We believe free systems, economic and political, provide the most opportunities for their people. Continued engagement with the important region of Greater Central Asia is essential. We work to encourage these countries' evolutions toward freer systems by cultivating a growing network of rising leaders across the region from all sectors.


donald rumsfeld central asia caucasus fellowship

Fostering an engaged and extensive network of rising regional leaders across all sectors.

CAMCA donald rumsfeld

A regional platform promoting discussions on advancing economic growth and development in Greater Central Asia.

Global Microfinance

Through the close of 2015 the Foundation provided grants to select international microfinance organizations to support entrepreneurs in developing countries in Greater Central Asia and around the world.

  • “What a difference between freedom and oppression, in one, the light of liberty outshines everything, and in the other, the darkness of the dictatorship is so obvious even from so many miles in outer space.”
    Donald Rumsfeld
    referring to the nighttime satellite picture of North and South Korea
  • “If there's one thread that runs through history, it is that the great sweep of human history is for freedom.”
    Donald Rumsfeld
  • “If one were able to look down from Mars on Earth, they would see some countries that are doing very poorly and they would also see some countries where people have opportunity, and it is those countries that have freer political systems and freer economic systems, where that opportunity gives people that chance to get ahead and make a life for themselves.”
    Donald Rumsfeld
  • “Free systems can be bumpy. There are bad times in free systems. And people then want..a more controlled system, and they demand more. We see that in lots of countries around the world. They flirt with populist approaches and government solutions to things. And then they're going to migrate away from them because if they look around the world, they see that's a sure route to failure; it's a sure route to denying their people the opportunities they need.”
    Donald Rumsfeld