Our Troops

"Today we celebrate and salute the men and women who have served so gallantly over the decades to keep us free. We offer them our love, our thanks, and our promise that we will never forget their valor or their sacrifice." - Donald Rumsfeld

Few have committed more to our nation than those who have worn the uniform of our Armed Forces, been wounded in the line of duty or given their lives on the battlefield. The men and women of our nation’s military include some of the most skilled, disciplined and courageous leaders in our nation. As free citizens who benefit from their dedicated service and sacrifices, it is a privilege to honor, respect and support our military population through our work with a number of outstanding organizations that assist returning veterans, the wounded, their families and the families of the fallen.


Our partners offer an array of services and programs in 5 key areas that we believe are essential in supporting service members, veterans and their families with both immediate and long-term issues they encounter in volunteering to serve our nation. Please note that the Foundation does not currently accept outside grant applications.

Employment and Transition

Veterans bring impressive skills and ethics to the civilian workplace. We support programs that ease military-civilian transitions through career training and mentoring, as well as continued service and leadership in local communities.

Outdoor Rehabilitative Activities

Healing for wounded veterans occurs beyond medical facilities. We fund therapeutic outdoor experiences like fly-fishing and winter sports, as well as retreats for veterans and their families to reconnect.

Military Families

The strength of our troops is rooted in the strength of our military families. We honor them through college scholarships for dependents and spouses, as well as support for children of the deployed and for family members of the fallen.

Assistance for Wounded Veterans

Those who have been wounded in service deserve the best during their recovery. We fund essential resources such as adapted homes, service dogs and flights for the critically injured and their families.

Special Operations Community

The members of the Special Operations community are some of the most elite fighters in the world. We support them and their families with grants for financial and other assistance, as well as college scholarships for children of the fallen.



Our Partners

Since 2007, the Foundation has worked with a number of organizations that provide a variety of services and assistance to active duty troops, returning veterans, the wounded and military families. The organizations listed below include some of the top-rate charities that the Foundation has supported in recent years.

All of Donald Rumsfeld's profits
from the sales of his memoir,
Known and Unknown,
& the Churchill Solitaire app,
go to military charities
supported by the Foundation.

Over $750K has been contributed since 2011.


All of Donald Rumsfeld’s profits from the above projects benefit programs of the Rumsfeld Foundation.