CA|M|C|A Regional Forum
(Central Asia-Mongolia-Caucasus-Afghanistan)

We host the CAMCA Regional Forum in partnership with the Central Asia Caucasus Institute and the CAMCA Network. The Forum serves as a platform for region-wide discussions on means of advancing economic growth and social development across the CAMCA region. A premier convening of rising leaders from all sectors of the 10 countries of the region, attendees include international leaders, stakeholders, policymakers, researchers, private sector executives and civil society representatives.

CAMCA Network

The CAMCA network is a collection of professionals committed to sharing ideas, knowledge, expertise, experience and inspiration across the 10 countries of Central Asia, Mongolia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan (CAMCA). This new generation of regional leaders values free market economic systems, good governance, the rule of law and basic human freedoms; supports the sovereignty of their countries and traditional national values; and also acknowledges the importance of regional and global cooperation. Initiated by alumni of the Central Asia-Caucasus Fellowship Program, members of the CAMCA platform believe in the value of a connected region and are driven to contribute to the development, prosperity and cooperation of the CAMCA region through a variety of joint activities and projects.

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The 2025 CAMCA Regional Forum will be held in June in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Learn more at

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Almaty, Kazakhstan

Building on previous alumni conferences, in 2013 the alumni of the Fellowship Program had the idea to expand their annual gatherings by developing a broader regional forum where other interested guests could participate alongside the Fellowship alumni. After the idea of the CAMCA Regional Forum was initiated by the Fellowship alumni, the Rumsfeld Foundation and Central Asia-Caucasus Institute agreed to support the Fellows in its creation and development. The CAMCA Regional Forum was established to create a platform for the young leaders of the alumni network to engage with a larger international audience invested in the future of the region. Focused on the key opportunities and challenges throughout the Greater Central Asia region, the first CAMCA Regional Forum in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2014 brought together alumni and other participants to discuss important subjects such as transportation, energy, and security, as well as ways to increase overall cooperation across borders. Since this inaugural Forum in 2014, CAMCA Regional Forums have continued and grown each year.

“We appreciate the important role of the CAMCA Regional Forum in helping advance regional economic growth and developments. To all Forum participants, and especially the Fellows, let this gathering strengthen your resolve to work together to ensure that peace, stability and democracy prevail.”
Prime Minister Kvirikashvili, Republic of Georgia
“In our fast growing and challenging world, the annual CAMCA Regional Forum is the best platform for young leaders from our region to come together to freely share ideas and enhance relationships.”
Hamrokhon Zarifi, Former Foreign Minister of Tajikistan
“We are creating a discourse here that in the long-term is going to have its impact in regional large-scale projects that are going to have very important influence in economic development and create a strong cooperation between the countries and a network of individuals that are in leading positions of their countries.”
Arevik Anapiosyan, CAMCA Network