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Rumsfeld Foundation


The Rumsfeld Foundation encourages leadership, public service and free political and economic systems at home and abroad.

Across our focus areas, we are committed to providing opportunities for rising leaders, honoring service to nation and to promoting liberty.


We are dedicated to advancing our efforts in our focus areas – Public Service and Greater Central Asia. We work to encourage and assist those who serve our nation and to support rising leaders and the growth of free systems in the nations of Central Asia and the Caucasus.


A 501(c)(3) nonprofit private foundation established in 2007 by Donald and Joyce Rumsfeld to encourage leadership, public service and free political and economic systems at home and abroad.


Two areas of focus: Public Service and Greater Central Asia. Provided more than $16.5 million in grants toward these areas since 2007.


Our Fellowship Programs – the Graduate Fellowship and Central Asia-Caucasus Fellowship – have provided over 445+ Fellowships to rising young leaders.


We support the connectivity and collaboration of our Fellowship alumni networks through year-round events and programming.


We support our nation’s military and veteran communities through grants to top-rate charities. All of Rumsfeld’s profits from Known and Unknown and the Churchill Solitaire app are donated to support U.S. troops and their families.


All Rumsfeld’s profits from When the Center Held, are donated to the Foundation in support of the Graduate Fellowship Program.


The gyroscope featured in our logo represents the Rumsfelds’ belief in the “inner gyroscope” of individuals – their moral center of gravity. Like the gyroscope, even when moved off course, the center of gravity within individuals works to guide them back to center, standing true to their inherent values and virtues.

The gyroscope also reflects two overarching themes that relate to the Foundation's founding and operations today – an optimistic world view and a respect for the power and responsibility of the individual.

These principles come together to form the outlook and mission of the Foundation's work – empowering and encouraging individuals, at home and abroad, to lead and serve with integrity and to continue to advance the values of liberty and free systems around the world.

Free Systems

The American people have sound inner gyroscopes and centers of gravity. Given sufficient information, the American people usually find their way to right decisions.

- Donald Rumsfeld

Throughout their lifetimes, Donald and Joyce Rumsfeld have witnessed and benefited from the tremendous opportunities that free political and economic systems provide for individuals, as well as had a deep respect for the honor and dignity of public service. They have also seen the significant value of high quality leadership and understood the critical need for individuals of moral character and integrity to step up and serve in all sectors and walks of life, both in the United States and around the world. Having had the opportunity to be involved in public service...

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Profits from Donald Rumsfeld’s projects continue to benefit the programs of the Rumsfeld Foundation.


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