Fall 2019 Central Asia-Caucasus Fellows Announced

The Rumsfeld Foundation is pleased to announce the 12 professionals selected to participate in the Fall 2019 session of the Central Asia-Caucasus Fellowship Program. Launched in 2008, the program is a partnership with the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at the American Foreign Policy Council which brings rising young leaders from Central Asia, the Caucasus, Afghanistan and Mongolia to the United States to promote better understanding and stronger relations among the people of the ten countries of the region, as well as between the United States and the region. The program aims to foster dialogue and an exchange of ideas among exceptional young professionals working across all sectors and encourages increased regional cooperation.

As participants of the 23rd Fellowship session, the Fall 2019 group will join the program’s growing alumni network of 219 former Fellows.

Throughout their six-week program, the Fellows will attend a series of private high-level meetings with top policy-makers, business leaders, journalists, academics, military personnel and regional experts exposing them to inside perspectives on how opinion making, decision making and policy making processes work in the U.S. The group will also spend a week traveling to additional cities including Norfolk, Virginia; Manchester, New Hampshire; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for meetings with local businesses and officials, providing them with a view of the U.S. beyond the nation’s capital. In addition to group meetings, the program staff will assist Fellows in arranging individual meetings for their independent research projects as well as provide opportunities for professional development and networking. The Fellows will also participate in a group presentation at a Central Asia-Caucasus Institute public forum where they will engage with representatives from local embassies, businesses, universities, the media and others interested in current perspectives from the region.

View the full annoucement here: Fall 2019 Fellows Announcement.

The Fall 2019 Fellows consist of a diverse group of talented regional leaders:

Ms. Ellaha Shaheen – Afghanistan – Market Access Negotiator at the Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the World Trade Organization. Research topic: "Asia’s Economic Corridors and their Impact on the Economy of Afghanistan."

Mr. Aram Pinajyan – Armenia – Deputy CEO and Chief Risk Officer at HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC. Research topic: "Improving Financial Inclusion in the South Caucasus and Central Asia."

Ms. Rasmina Gurbatova – Azerbaijan – Founder, Owner and Designer of Resm, the first Azerbaijani jewelry brand inspired by traditional and oriental patterns and ornaments. Research topic: "A Comparative Analysis of Cultural Similarities and Differences in Central Asia and the Caucasus."

Ms. Nona Mamulashvili – Georgia – Founder and Chairwoman of the Caucasus Economic Policy Institute, a think tank established to develop and promote conservative public policies. Research topic: "Public-Private Dialogue for Democratic Development: How Businesses Can Promote Economic Development and Democratic Governance."

Ms. Rusudan Mamatsashvili – Georgia – First Deputy Head at the National Tourism Administration of Georgia. Research topic: "Factors Affecting Foreign Direct Investment in CAMCA Countries."

Ms. Dinara Chaizhunussova – Kazakhstan – Chairman of the Board of Trustees of “Bolashak” Corporate Foundation. Research topic: "The Mechanisms of Development and Promotion of Initiatives in the Parliament and the State."

Mr. Ruslan Assaubayev – Kazakhstan – Managing Partner and Regional Development Director at Korkem Telecom, a leading Kazakh IT company focused on smart city projects. Research topic: "Developing an IT Outsourcing Environment in the CAMCA Region: A Reality?"

Mr. Mirbek Asangariev – Kyrgyzstan – Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of the 4-star eco-friendly business Hotel “Bridges” in Bishkek, as well as Founder and Owner of the social enterprise, “Bishkek Furniture.” Research topic: "The Development of Kyrgyzstan through Creating a Client-oriented Hub and Liberal Oasis in Central Asia."

Mr. Batzaya Batsaikhan – Mongolia – Co-founder and CEO of Unread Media, a hybrid media company focused on empowering the next generation through disruptive storytelling and experiences. Research topic: "Empowering Youth in Central Asia through Entrepreneurship and Innovation."

Ms. Enkhzul Dambajantsan – Mongolia – Chief Operating Officer of the Mongolian Stock Exchange. Research topic: "Regional Cooperation Opportunities in the Development of Capital Markets."

Mr. Shuhrat Mirzoev – Tajikistan – Managing Partner and Founder of IRSHAD Consulting LLC, a Tajikistan-based professional consulting firm, which offers advisory services to public and private sector clients. Research topic: "Fiscal Risk Management in the Presence of Nontraditional Partners in the CAMCA Region."

Mr. Sardor Mukhamedaliev – Uzbekistan – Chief Business Development Officer of the Swiss-based leading online shopping marketplace, ZoodMall. Research topic: "The Development of Intraregional Trade in the CAMCA Region."

To learn more, visit the Central Asia-Caucasus Fellowship Program page.


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