Rumsfeld Foundation Hosts 2021 Graduate Fellowship Spring Series
MAY 27, 2021


Washington, D.C. – From May 17th-20th the Rumsfeld Foundation hosted a “Spring Series” comprised of daily virtual events for its Graduate Fellowship Network members across the country.

Session topics focused around the theme, “Leadership at Every Level: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities – From the Individual, to our Nation and our World.” Throughout the week, participants had the opportunity to discuss timely issues facing our nation, hear from several accomplished public servants and to network with other Fellows, alumni and program Advisers.

Programming commenced Monday evening with an interactive discussion on "Foreign Policy Challenges & Opportunities for the New Administration" headed by one of the Foundation’s distinguished program Advisers. Throughout the session, he outlined some of the continuing and evolving foreign policy priorities and challenges for the new administration as the U.S. emerges from the pandemic. Participants shared their thoughts and asked questions related to current global affairs as well as discussed the Biden administration’s foreign policy thus far.

The following evening, participants heard from an "Adviser Career Paths Panel" comprised of four program Advisers from universities across the country with backgrounds representing a diverse array of experience and expertise. Advisers shared insights on their unique career paths and offered advice for charting and succeeding in careers across academia, policymaking and more, as well as on contributing to public service more broadly.

Wednesday’s session featured a conversation with former U.S. Secretary of Defense and retired four-star General, James Mattis, a seasoned public servant well-versed across some of the highest ranks of the U.S. government, military and more. The interview focused on takeaways from General Mattis’ distinguished career as he shared his perspectives on dedication to service, how to succeed in a role in high command and more.

The final day of programming included a Graduate Fellows Networking Session during which several Fellows, current and alumni, had the opportunity to share about their current roles and activities, discuss areas of mutual interest and potential cooperation, and make helpful connections.

Alongside the week’s discussion topics, members of the Graduate Fellowship Network were able to further develop their relationships and to reflect on the ways they can be a part of addressing the challenges of tomorrow.

Since 2008, the Rumsfeld Foundation has provided a total of over $3.4 million in Fellowship grants to 161 graduate scholars who are dedicated to serving the nation. To learn more about the program and the talented leaders that comprise its growing network, please visit the Foundation’s website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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Executive Director, Rumsfeld Foundation
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