Welcome to our Blog!
Rumsfeld Foundation   /   MAY 26, 2017

Welcome to the Rumsfeld Foundation's new blog, "Orienting the Gyroscope," which we are pleased to launch along with our updated website. The blog will reflect on the Foundation's now near decade of operations as well as provide insights and information on our continued commitment to our mission and programs in the years to come.

For our founders and team, the Foundation's gyroscope logo represents the duality of the movement along intersecting paths which individuals, leaders and countries take in their evolution and development. While free to move along different courses on its outer trajectory, the core of the gyroscope remains stable, focused and constant. We believe this "core" exists across much of humanity and, when encouraged, fostered and given opportunity, it consistently works to guide people to a path of integrity and service.

The blog will highlight causes, topics and interests that "orient" and shape our mission and efforts here at the Foundation, as well as feature individuals we have impacted and worked alongside in our programs and partnerships.

We hope that this blog will serve as a platform for important ideas and insights across our mission and focus areas, including public service, leadership and free systems. Moving forward, this space will include contributions from top leaders and Foundation program participants from a variety of sectors on issues and topics relevant to our work and that of our terrific partners.

We appreciate your continued readership and hope you will find the blog to be interesting, informative and inspirational.


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